Yes, it has certainly gone too far in some cases. The current zeitgeist is quick to judge and rarely allows for a nuanced picture. People would rather err on the side of helping the oppressed rather than risk oppressing them more, so many white people feel attacked and feel the ills of the world are being laid at their feet.

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And to hell with this philosophical crud anyways. One of my biggest motivators was when my friend worked full time through college. I took a year off then dropped out after 3 semesters. Moderates, including myself, and lefitsts don agree with most initiatives Trump has proposed or done. This „news” has literally no fucking value that I can see though. Please explain it to me, because this is waste of effort in my eyes.

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In order to reach the threshold where the GOP turns on Trump there will need to be huge pressure visit homepage from independents and whatever remains of the GOP to overcome the very real prospect of a Republican civil war that could be sparked by doing so. I do think that threshold is reachable (in theory). But it is going to take a really big bombshell to start shaking them loose.

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