That a fact. But Ajax hasn reached the Round of 16 in years. Surviving the groupstage for a Dutch team is rare nowadays. Do not defend linked comments. Do not play Devil Advocate. Do not attempt to start a debate. Make find here the system feel right, it needs to be simplified and the damage system needs to be fixed. They need to re balance the damage based on how many hits it should take certain weapons to take 100 health. That is almost impossible to do right now with so many factors changing the damage count per hit..

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To each their own. The War Campaign and story in general has been my favorite part of this expansion. Even if it turns out she goes full Garrosh and that reddit post about her being Garrosh 2.0 wasn just a meme, she a lot better of a character than Garrosh, as since the stonetalon story was hermes himalayan crocodile birkin replica apparently non canon, he was pretty one dimensional.

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