Without the perpetual dissemination of bad ideas, those ideas would become forgotten along with the counterarguments against them. Later, many of those bad ideas would become rediscovered, and their counterarguments might not be rediscovered. Consequently, the bad ideas might lure people away from the good ideas.The remedy for bad speech is more speech, and this is another important justification for generalized free speech in addition to the justification you provide.RBLaidlaw 1 point submitted 11 days agoBad speech is necessary because when „bad” speech becomes good, then the good speech is seen as bad, and it gets censored.

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canada great post to read goose clearance So I’m not sure it’s that important to the topic at hand. Though from my current position I do have some skills I would like to get under my belt by years end; possibly getting more familiar with coding with Python, learning electric guitar and some basic music creation.How has yearly themes been for you? I only found Cortex late last year, so I haven’t had time to experience multiple yearly themes. Aside from Grey and Myke, I haven’t heard anyone’s experiences with them and seeing how others do their system/work never fails to intrigue me.Though this spans way out of scope of this question: there is a podcast called Cortex, where 2 people essentially talk about their working lives and productivity.One, CGP Grey, makes primarily youtube videos, while his co host, Myke, primarily makes podcasts canada goose clearance.

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