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canada canada goose outlet goose uk shop And when they need something big taken out that’s when they call in the Suppressors, who can drop exactly where they’re needed to lend the heavy firepower the stealthy dudes lack.This would explain the fact that the other infantry have the camo cloaks and lighter Phobos armor, while the Suppressors gave standard Mk X armor. Why give your customers something for free when you can sell it to them? There are a few factions that have yet to make an appearance in kill team that seem like natural fits (Inquisition, Sisters of Silence) and some weirder options that could work (Necromunda gangs?), so my wild speculation is that we will get another book that introduces a bunch of new options including the Shadowspear units (and https://www.wincanadagoosepark.com maybe some rules that were previously only available in white dwarf and/or stuff like the Rogue Trader rules if the box goes out of print and they make the minis available separately). For the sake of rules compartmentalization, it make sense for the vanguard to be unique, though you could certainly make a case for them being an expansions to an existing team.I also expect that making them a unique faction in Kill Team would allow them to have thematic rules that differentiated them slightly from regular SM, like with Death Watch or Grey Knights canada goose uk shop.

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