Get 7 utility, and you get 25% extra damage on top of that. You also can always fill a red slot with meaningful weapon damage, for example, offensive protocol caps out at 2.5% weapon damage and some junk mods, whether optimal range or some incredibly trivial 0.5% crit chance or damage. 6% pure LMG damage is better.

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canada goose factory sale Parents write college essays, or hire someone else to do it. They’re overscheduling kids with extracurriculars that play to college admissions instead of their children’s actual interests. It sounds like overkill, and yet everyone else is doing it. Now, if they put a team flagging/alert system in game that unlocked at level 25, this would at least make the mechanic less opaque or seemingly arbitrary. I also once came out of a shop to see a stampede of trainers running past, who obviously seen something on a scanner, and ran after them to catch a Lapras (pre nerf, obviously). I think scanners can actualy add quite a lot to the social aspect of the game canada goose factory sale.

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